Saturday, November 20, 2010

post one hop two

as the title of this blog explains, I will be posting pictures of my foot in different places around the world that I will travel to.
today's picture is from the port in Akko, Israel.

Acre (Hebrew: עַכּוֹ‎, Akko; Arabic: عكّا‎, ʻAkkā), is a city in the Western Galilee region of northern Israel and is situated on a low promontory at the northern extremity of Haifa Bay.
Acre is one of the oldest continuously inhabited sites in the country and historically, was regarded as a strategic coastal link to the Levant. Acre is the holiest city of the Bahá'í Faith. As of 2007, the city had a predominantly Jewish population of 46,000.
-Notable inhabitants?  Jazzar Pasha; who earned the nickname "the Butcher" for his cruelty and extortion of his subjects. He is best known for defending Acre against Napoleon Bonaparte during the siege of Acre in 1799

-Twin city?
    Deerfield beach USA, oh yes

The same day I visited Akko I went up north to a little village on the lebanesse border called Rosh Hanikra, I then found out that this was were Sasha Baron Cohen (Borat) grew up...,_Israel

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