Monday, November 22, 2010

the travelers century club

I came across this website, thought some of you may find it interesting

Membership in the Travelers' Century Club (TCC) is limited to those travelers who have visited one hundred or more countries of the world. It was first organized in Los Angeles in 1954 by a group of the world's most widely traveled people. The idea has attracted the interest of the world travelers everywhere and we now have members throughout the world, as well as the United States.
The youngest member of the club is Lani Shea, whose parents, Jeff and Novita, from Novato, CA, report that she reached her 100th country at two years, eight months. She has set a new Guinness World Record under the category of “Youngest person to travel to all seven continents.” This was accomplished in December, 2003, when she was two years, 307 days.

It made me count the number of countries I have been to: 22, a small achievement in comparison but a valiant and ongoing effort nonetheless